Kira Inez Riess Songs

Singer Songwriter Kira Inez Riess aged just 18 born in Coventry represents the young people of today. Society pressure to look a certain way gave Kira the ‘normal’ anxieties suffered by so many young girls and boys across the UK.

Kira says “so many of my friends suffer with anxiety and panic attacks as I used to. Every day was a struggle of finding the confidence and the worry ‘what will people think’ can be crucifying, I have the strength now and thanks to David and also being inspired by Zoe Dronfield I feel strong enough and have the tools to perform on bigger stages now, my message for people out there with anxiety is try not to worry, use a good therapist to get your grounding find some peace in a hobby or some words in a song and start to say to yourself –  I CAN “

Having developed her confidence Kira has now faced her fears and sung live on HillzFM radio accompanied by David and interviewed by the articulate Noizee B and actually singing a live acoustic performance at the IWMM charity Ball -we have this wonderful announcement.

David Kilmurry International has proudly commissioned Kiras amazing first five track album with the help of Jon Moonbear of the Moonbase Recording Studios this articulate personal album is now available to download. The poignant songs of a fantastic artist that is in touch with anxiety and been tormented in the past please click here to download and show your appreciation for a strong survivor herself who has faced prejudice and stood up to it. We are so proud to be associated with her.

Kindly Kira has agreed for all payments for her album download to go to the amazing powerful anti domestic violence charity IWMM –


Please watch Zoe Dronfields amazing video here in which Kira covers Destinys Child track “Survivor”

This is a not for profit recording – every penny collected will go straight to charity IWMM in conjunction with Reflections Campaign.

We wish Kira the very best in future.