Marzhan Kassenova

I’d been thinking for a long while about doing something to stop my childhood habit of ‘skin picking’ my fingers – mainly my thumbs as these were easier to hide from view! I don’t exactly remember or recall how it all started or what triggered it. All I know is that it was a compulsion – something I had to do to help me relieve stress and anxiety.

My ‘habit’ spiralled completely out of control in 2011, after I lost my beloved Baby-Sister! My skin picking became relentless, all day – every day. Even when my thumbs bled I would just carry on. I could not stop! At night I would apply healing cream and in the morning I’d start again – a vicious circle. I so wanted to stop but was not able to do so. I realised that I needed help.

My partner had given up smoking many years before after just one session of hypnotherapy! I thought that maybe hypnotherapy could help me too. I researched therapists on the internet but no-one stood out. I then came across David Kilmurry completely by chance, after reading a story in The Metro! I straight away booked an appointment and unbelievably, after just after one session, David helped me to stop my hideous habit of over 20 years.

Hypnotherapy is painless and one is aware of everything that goes on. Once I was in a very relaxed state, David talked to my subconscious and ‘planted the seeds’ that would resolve my problem. He is a very talented hypnotherapist and also a very kind and caring human being. After the session I felt so positive and recharged – a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot thank you enough David.